Risa Gettler’s Fabulous Fine-Tec Gold Application

Fine-Tec products are quite popular here at Paper and Ink Arts, and the gold palette is a particular favorite. Thus, when Risa Gettler sent us her examples of work she created using the Fine-Tec, we were thrilled! She purchased the gold palette at IAMPETH this past summer and decided to try it instead of a shell gold or French gold. In her words, “I think you’ll agree the application is glorious.” We certainly do agree! Though we cannot claim credit for her wondrous artistic ability, we are pleased to be able to contribute a product that can create such beautiful results. We hope you enjoy Risa’s spectacular work as much as we do!

Photograph by Josh Romero

Study in Grisaille

The Creation of the Sun and Moon

Master of Jean de Mandeville

French (active 1350-1370)

– Encouraged by the refined tastes of court patrons, French artist of the 14th century created a tour de force style know as camaieu, in which elegant figures painted in a monochrome or grisaille technique were sent against gaily colored backgrounds and enlivened with fine gilding.

5″ x 5 1/4″ vellum

Gouache and FINE-TEC (vs. gold leaf or shell)

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  1. Thanks for creating the blog. I’m finding what you say a help for my students out here in La Mesa California. Keep up the good work. And, I love Nikkognibs too!

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