Carol DuBosch Uses Ordinary Tools to Create Extraordinary Results

Recently, calligrapher Carol DuBosch was asked by a local gallery to write the title for a show of calligraphy. “I wanted something that was lively,” said Carol, “I decided that a style of letter that was contemporary and loose was the energy that needed to be communicated for their show.” As she prepared to create the title, Carol chose to use a Paper and Ink Arts Folded Pen to do the writing. “I like to use a folded pen when I have the chance to do loose script-type letters. I can create letters that have slightly rough edges, which lend a casual feel to the final version,”she said.

As far as ink, Carol used Moon Palace Sumi because it “is a delight to use. It flows freely and is always very dense. When I’m doing work for reproduction, dense black Sumi ink gives the best results.” Arches 140# Cold Press Watercolor paper was Carol’s paper of choice due to the fact that it “is a favorite surface for the Folded Pen. The Cold Press texture of the paper enhances the rough edges that a Folded Pen makes naturally and handles the Sumi ink very well.”

Once she had completed the title, Carol did  a reverse of it in Photoshop, and it was that reverse that the gallery chose. “They liked the drama of the black background with the white letters.” As you can see, Carol’s incredible creative and artistic talents combined with the products she chose delivered a splendid result!

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