Heather Held’s Stunning Vintage Style Work

This past summer, I had the pleasure of attending the IAMPETH convention in Phoenix. Among the many exceptional teachers was Heather Held, and the class that she taught was entitled “The Artful Flourish”. This past fall, Heather partnered with us  to create an apron with her artwork for the 2012 catalog (http://www.paperinkarts.com/aprhea.html).  Her work is easily recognizible for its beauty and elegance, so I was thrilled when she shared a piece for our blog.

For creating lovely backgrounds, Heather recommends the pastels created by Diane Townsend.  “Diane Townsend Pastels contain the very pure pigments which provide vibrant effects on the paper. They can be burnished into the background using a pastel brush. Because the pigments contain no chalk fillers, the pigment does not clog the surface of the paper,” says Heather. Because of this, writing and flourishing can be done on top of the pastels relatively easily without the pigments building up on the nibs or causing the ink to resist the paper. “Even the most flexible pointed pen can successfully be used on top of the pastels. I use the Diane Townsend pastels to add a depth and a glow to my flourishes that is quicker and easier to achieve than applying a watercolour wash.”  For the writing, Heather chose her favorite pointed pen ink- McCaffery’s brown. “I use McCaffery brown ink to achieve a Victorian effect in my work. Using a moist brush technique, I can add watercolour washes to my floral flourishes and the McCaffery brown does not bleed or feather.”

You can see more of Heather’s work on her website (www.heathervictoriaheld.com ) and her blog (www.inkflourishes.blogspot.com). Visit our store to purchase the pastels (http://www.paperinkarts.com/paints—brushes-pastels.html) and the McCaffery’s ink (http://www.paperinkarts.com/inks-mccaffery.html).

created by Heather Held


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