Wedding Wisdom from Kathy Milici:Part One

As wedding season begins, the idea of a wedding themed blog article was an obvious choice. However, we wanted to be sure we were able to offer not only samples of beautiful work, but also tips and advice on what products would help produce those types of results. Therefore, when the incredibly talented Kathy Milici offered to be a guest blogger for a wedding season article, we knew it was the perfect opportunity. Kathy’s work speaks for itself, and she’s an outstanding teacher as well. We know you will enjoy her talent, insights, and humor as much as we do! In her first post, she shares with us how to create a splendid wedding invitation.

Artist: Kathy Milici

Studio: 24 Karat Designs, Newton, NJ

Project: Wedding Invitation Design

Media of Choice:  Nikko G nib, Higgins Eternal ink, Clairfontaine Paper

Designing a wedding invitation is different from addressing envelopes because you must render one perfect copy, in “camera ready” form, which is suitable for reproduction.

Here’s how it’s done:

The design is first rendered as a rough layout on tracing paper, using a series of pencil sketches, and approved by the bride/client along the way. Then each line is written by hand in ink, paying careful attention to the letter scale, proportion, and spacing of the lines.  Last, the master copy is completed using very high quality, super-smooth paper. I love Clairfontaine for this purpose; it’s heavenly to write on!  Higgins Eternal is recommended by many artists for reproduction purposes, as it is very black and produces a hairline that is slightly wider than other inks, thereby producing a high quality scan which doesn’t require touching up. It’s my ink of choice for anything which will be printed. Otherwise, I am totally in love with Sumi Moon Palace for envelope addressing, place cards and text writing.

Nikko G nibs seem to be my nibs of choice for almost everything I do. They are very durable and so versatile; in fact, I even named my cat after them! Attached is a photo of my studio cat, Nikko G. Nibs.

Stay tuned for the second piece of Kathy’s Wedding Wisdom where she will share timely advice on creating an ink color to match a bride’s request. In the meantime, you can visit her webpage at: to see more of her stunning work. You can also visit our webpage at to purchase the materials and supplies Kathy recommends!


  1. I just love Kathy and everything she embodies. Her philosophy on life is honest and humorous, even, at times…. Her work is so beautiful to look at and after meeting her at IAMPETH in Phoenix last year… and being in one of her classes, I know that she is a thorough and outstanding teacher. I only hope to be in her presence again soon. Thank you very much for highlighting Kathy for this blog post! It was very enlightening and educational for those wanting to learn how to do a master invitation! LOVE Nikko G, too! I also want to thank you for this blog and choosing interesting and diverse subjects to keep everyone coming back for more! Trish Taylor, Austin Texas

  2. Thanks to Jan Hurst for mentioning this blog. I have used the phantom liner in the past but will try some of Nan’s suggestions – every little bit helps. I also liked Kathy’s suggestions for designing invitations -will try clairfontaine paper and Moon Palace sumi ink is my all time favorite for pointed pen; even try it for other types of lettering sometimes.

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