Angie Vangalis Shares Stellar Work from Calligraphy Northwest

We have now officially recovered from Calligraphy Northwest! It was an exhausting, but absolutely wonderful week. Catharine and I were joined by Brenda, Molly (from our sister company) and Alli (our favorite summer employee). We thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of our customers in person so that we could put faces with the names we quickly recognized, and we also enjoyed seeing those of you we met at California Letters and Letters of Joy again. We are continually thankful for such a wonderful customer base!

As the week progressed, we were truly amazed by the work being produced. Led by a stellar faculty, the participants created stunning pieces that we viewed on the last day. I couldn’t take enough pictures! Further, market night and the faculty demo night were both fun and inspiring. The level of talent was exceptional.

Calligrapher Angie Vangalis graciously agreed to share her work for our blog. Both pieces beautifully represent Angie’s superb talent while also serving as a fine representation of the work we saw during the show and share session at the end of the week.


“Theses pieces were done in Ewan Clayton’s workshop “The Joy of Movement” where we explored fluent styles of movement,” says Angie, “The piece executed with FineTec Gold gouache on Black Bugra utilized a “wringing” and “pushing” motion. The elemental alphabet piece was done with Higgins Eternal on Gray Bugra using a “whipping” motion.”

She further shares, “I personally went through more than 100 sheets of paper and an entire bottle of Higgins Eternal during the first 3 days of the workshop, exploring these essential styles of movement.  Ewan Clayton has a gift of teaching with a unique understanding of the history of letterforms and calligraphy like no other teacher. I believe he gave us all a new found level of confidence in our abilities to write letters and make marks in our own style.”

We love the style Angie showcase in these pieces. To see more of her work, visit her website at:

Visit our website( to purchase Finetec golds, Higgins Eternal, and Bugra paper.

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