Diana Brown and the Amazing Artograph Lightpad

This summer, we had the pleasure of meeting Diana Brown in person at Calligraphy Northwest. You’d be hard pressed to meet a nicer individual! She shopped throughout the week in our small store because, “Of course I can’t have enough calligraphic tools in the toolbox. Even though I’m not a professional, my love of lettering is for my heart and soul. ”

Among the items Diana purchased during the conference was the 12″x17″ Artograph Lightpad. As far as products go, this has become one of our favorites because of its functionality and practicality. Ranging in size from 6″ x 9″ to 17″ x 24″, the lightpads offer a flat surface,with no raised edges, on which to work. The LED lighting projects perfectly through many papers, allowing you to see your guidelines easily. Even better, it is very lightweight and perfect for travel.

Recently, Diana use the lightpad to create the name tags below. She went on to use a Micron to add the last names on the flourishes, as well as the city and state they were from. She shared with us that the lightpad made the job go much more quickly.

Diana found the lightpad to be one of her favorites as well. “...I love this tool, ” she says, “This Artograph Lightpad is a wonderful investment… saves time and frustration!!! I’m delighted with this purchase!”

If you’d like to purchase an Artograph LightPad for yourself, visit our site at: http://www.paperinkarts.com/tools-of-the-trade-light-boxes-and-lightpads.html


  1. I love my LightPad too. I have three other light boards, none as satisfactory as this one. The others are at a high slant, which is not great for pointed pen work, which is mostly what I do these days. The LightPad is terrific!

  2. Yes… I love mine. I used to just have one of those cheap, light boxes which Jan is referring to in the comment prior to mine… It was taller, with a slant, bulky and the lighting wasn’t all that great…
    The Artograph lightpad is slim and sleek.. you can turn in around so that the plug is more accessible… IT Really Rocks! I love mine. I think the 9×12 is the perfect size for most calligraphers… many newbies ask me what type and size to get and this is what I tell them.

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