Awaken Your Creativity with June Maffin

Last February, I went to my first calligraphy conference as the vendor. It was there at Letters California Style that I met June Maffin in person. I didn’t know much about June prior to meeting her; I just knew we had exchanged a few e-mails regarding her pre-orders, and she seemed like a delightful person. Once I met her and learned her story, I was even more impressed. June is well-educated and has an extensive career history, and writing is one of her foremost talents. She serves the calligraphy world by running the Cyberscribes Facebook page, which is a wonderful addition to Teri Martin’s Cyberscribes forum that we all know and love.

In 2004, June suffered from mercury poisoning, and it was through exploring art and creativity that she experienced healing. From that experience, the idea for her book Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul  was born.  June graciously gave me a copy of the book during the conference, and I’ve been inspired by it ever since.

Soulistry  is designed to prompt you into creating-writing, painting, drawing, etc.  Whatever your medium, Soulistry  will encourage you to explore your creative side while connecting it to your spirituality. Each prompt includes a quote, followed by Soul-Questions to spark ideas and the creative process. Recently adopted by Effy Wild for her Book of Days online art journaling group, June’s book has inspired a wide array of art in response.

“When I first stumbled across the “Soulistry” book by June Maffin, I felt an immediate urge to create art in response to her Soul-Questions which accompanied the over-80 quotations in the book.  This urge led me to wanting to share that process with other women, especially women for whom art was a regular practice. So I started to record my process on video.

Since that time, 170 women have joined me in my art journaling program, and they all agree that the weekly Soulistry With Effy videos and PDFs are a beautiful way to combine self-inquiry (using June’s Soul-Questions) with art journaling! I’ve seen amazing leaps and bounds happen for people as a result of that initial urge to share, and I’m really excited to see that continue as we take on all 80+ prompts in the book!” says Effy.

Here is Effy’s piece based on a quote by Thoreau.

Tammy Dial Gray from Florida created the following piece in response to the quote from Anne Sexton  that is included in her piece.

Michelle McKinley has actually shared several of the pieces she’s created by using the Soulistry book on her blog:

The many examples of work being created in response to this gem of a book are inspiring. “The work that is being done on the Soulistry on-line journaling course hosted by Effy Wild continues to delight my heart, humble my soul and challenge my mind,” says June. The online journaling program, Book of Days, is only about ¼ of the way through the book, and you can join at any time at:

You can also start your own creative journey by simply buying the book yourself. Purchase yours here:

June also offers many different workshop opportunities and maintains a thought-provoking blog on her own website:  Her Cyberscribes facebook page is She can also be found on FB at: and

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