Reggie Ezell 26 Seeds to Grow: The 2012 Nashville Experience

Over the course of the year, Reggie Ezell has taught his course, 26 Seeds A Year to Grow, here in Nashville, and we have enjoyed hosting the class. Organized by Nashville Calligraphy Guild Workshop Chair Ann Cobb, this course has brought together sixteen students to gain wisdom from the incredible Reggie. For those of you who have never had the chance to take one of Reggie’s classes, we highly recommend them. Not only is Reggie amazingly talented, he is also a fabulous classroom teacher. Class member Carol Hall says, ” Reggie’s 26 Seeds Class has been an experience of profound growth for me in my art. His treatment of the subject matter is thorough and logically sequential. He is also a very engaging, entertaining and an all-around “fun” teacher.”

Each class provides structured lessons filled with instructional techniques, supervised practice, and relevant videos. In addition, each student receives a full notebook’s worth-and we mean a large three ring binder!- of handouts that can be referred to again and again. The resource created by the notebook can be used for years to come. In fact, guild members who took the class before mentioned how often they still refer back to techniques and information originally learned from Reggie.  Current class member Ann Cobb raves, “The Reggie class has been beyond my expectations.  Reggie is such a patient, giving teacher.  He has taught us so much more than Romans, Italic, and Foundational.  Being able to actually try out and work with stick ink, dry pigments, and vellum has been magical.”

Beyond the teaching, our favorite aspect of the class been seeing the work created by fellow classmates. “Seeing the homework pieces completed in this class has been so inspiring.  I look forward to seeing all the pieces in the exhibit next spring,” says Ann.

We thought you might enjoy seeing a few pieces, too. Here are two pieces created by Ann:

These next two pieces are by Carol Hall:

These last two were created by Linda Floyd:

by Linda Floyd

Later this month, we will conclude our 26 Seeds experience. While we will miss our classmates, we are excited to look ahead to next year when Reggie will offer his Primitive to Modern course in Nashville. We will once again host, and we’d love to see you join us! For more information about the class, please contact Ann Cobb at

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