Jessica Vokey’s Unique Use of a Quill

We love to find customers who come up with creative, non-standard uses for our products, and Jessica Vokey has done just that. She has begun using one of our quill pens to add details to her tiny canvas artwork.  31 year old Jessica began painting at age 13, inspired by her grandfather -an incredibly talented painter who painted even in his 90s. Jessica’s first work consisted of designs on her fingernails, and she couldn’t find a paint brush small enough to create the intricate detail she desired. It was then that she started using a straight sewing pin for painting.

Two years ago, Jessica was diagnosed with cancer in her tongue, a very rare disease for someone her age. Faced with two and half months at home, she needed something to keep her busy. She purchased 3-inch canvases and painted flowers and abstracts. When her twin brother requested a mini-version of Van Gogh’s Starry night, Jessica didn’t know if she had the ability to recreate it but found that she was successful in doing so.

From there, she has emulated other artists as well and has added a quill to her tool box to complement her straight pins. “The quill has been a helpful tool for some of the finer details required,” says Jessica.

“I do not actually own any of my own work as I enjoy painting for others mostly.  Making others smile because of my work is what inspires me,” says Jessica. We’re inspired by her creativity and are thankful she shared her talent with us!

If you would like to try a quill, you can find them on our website at:

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