Holiday Projects from Heather Held and Kathy Milici

This week  Heather Held and Kathy Milici both sent over holiday projects they’ve created. Both were too spectacular not to share with you!

Heather graciously sent us her video (also available on her website) of a gorgeous Christmas tree she created using Finetec Golds and the new hot foil pen. I enjoyed being able to see the process of creating it from start to finish, and I hope you will, too! Heather’s talent and exquisite work always impress me, and her snazzy nail polish is pretty awesome, too.

You can see learn more about Heather and see more of her enchanting work on her website at:


Kathy also used the Finetec Golds to create a beautiful holiday greeting. I continue to be in awe of her talent! She was kind enough to share the process of creating her piece as well.

“Gold Noel” by Kathy Milici

Reverse writing (light colored or metallic ink/gouache on dark paper) is easy, once you know a few basic tips. The result is always very dramatic, and fun to do.

This is Kathy’s process: Her gold “Noel” design was first sketched in pencil on tracing paper, then the pencil lines were made darker. The tracing paper draft was put on the “Phantom Liner” backwards (left side), so the reflection was seen forward (right side). Kathy then placed a sheet of cardstock on the right side, and carefully traced through the image using a soapstone pencil. For the final piece, Kathy chose the Arabic Gold color from the Fine Tec metallic watercolor palette. Using a dropper and distilled water, she put a few drops of water on top of the dry pigment, and started to work the gold paint with a small paint brush. It’s important to note here to take your time and continue to “pull up” the metallic pigment until the desired shade of gold is achieved. Then she fed the color into her pointed pen with the paint brush and “inked in” her design. Kathy used a Nikko G nib on smooth, black card stock. She waited until the ink was completely dry (tick tock, it teaches you patience!), and gently wiped the paper with a tissue to “erase” the white soapstone pencil lines. Merry Christmas!


You can see more of Kathy’s work at:


I hope you enjoy both of these lovely ladies’ work and that it inspires you to spend some time creating over the holidays. On behalf of the entire staff of Paper and Ink Arts, we wish you and your family a joyous Christmas and holiday season!

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