Lisa LeBlanc Creates Magnificent Flowers with the Miracle Wedge Brush

Lisa LeBlanc recently contacted me with an article she’d written detailing a new tool she’s come to love-the Loew-Cornell Miracle Wedge Brush. She’s used it to create lovely work, and I know you will enjoy reading her thoughts on this awesome tool and seeing the gorgeous flowers she’s created. I’m so glad she shared her work so that you, too, can appreciate it!

“Using the Miracle Wedge Brush” by Lisa LeBlanc

I learned about the Loew-Cornell Miracle Wedge brush at a recent workshop with Pat Blair, Whitehouse calligrapher extraordinaire.  Pat uses it to great effect in her calligraphy, making ghostly white flowers to accompany her exquisite pointed pen  designs.  I was intrigued by the novel shape and action of this brush,  and after Pat’s workshop, I rushed home to play with it some more.  It took some practice to get the hang of it, but the unique nature of this instrument made it so much fun, I didn’t mind practicing.

I started out experimenting with white on black, like Pat Blair does, using Dr. Ph. Martin’s BleedProof-White:


When I got tired of that, I added some color (Holbein watercolors, Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus inks, more BleedProof-White):


Then I switched to white paper (mostly inexpensive practice sheets):

flower5 flower2

I love the way the colors can be loaded on the brush, giving each stroke depth and detail.  I also like the sharp edge and fine line it makes possible.  And I just adore the idiosyncratic shapes it can produce.

I’m having so much fun I can’t stop!  I’m looking forward to more experimenting, especially with incorporating these types of images into my calligraphy.  And I would love to see what others have done with this crazy brush.

L. LeBlanc –

Board member,  Kalamazoo Pen Dragons Calligraphy Guild


You can find the brush at:


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