Zig Art and Graphic Markers in the Hands of Professional Inker Jonathan Glapion

DC Comics Inker Jonathan Glapion has become a favorite customer here at Paper and Ink. Over the past several months, he’s offered us plenty of insight into what types of products professional comic book inkers use (many of which are the same as those that our calligraphers know and love!), and one of the products that he’s been experimenting with is the Zig Art and Graphic Twin marker. Filled with water-based ink, this marker is great for professional artists who are looking for brush-tipped markers.

“The Zig Art & Graphic Twin marker isn’t that far off from the Copic Sketch markers (in terms of feel), with the exception of the fine point rather than the chisel marker end of the Copic. Both have a nice brush tip; however, I favored the Zig brush tip more,” says Jonathan, “It’s slightly longer and has a really sharp point.”

Jonathan used the markers to do toning on an image he created to try sketching with markers rather than pencils.


“ The Zig felt like I was painting with a brush,” said Jonathan. “I’m looking forward to expanding my color range with these.”

Beyond sketching and lettering, these markers can be used with water brushes to create a watercolor effect. They are also wonderful to use for rubber stamping.  You can check out the full line of Art and Graphics at: http://www.paperinkarts.com/artgrph.html

See more of Jonathan’s work  at: http://www.jonathanglapion.com/ and at: http://jonathanglapion.deviantart.com .

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