Paper and Ink Arts Envelope Contest

We’ve been diligently reading responses to our online survey regarding our marketing ventures, and in light of what our customers are saying, we have decided to begin an envelope contest. This will give us a way to showcase how our products are being used and will give our customers the chance to showcase their work and win fun prizes. The contest will be held four times a year, and our first entry deadline is rapidly approaching. Read below for more information!

Paper and Ink Arts Envelope Contest Guidelines

In response to a customer requests, we have decided to hold an envelope contest once for every season of the year. For each season, we will pick the medium that must be used to create your envelopes. There will be three divisions-Calligraphy and Hand Lettering , Zentangle, and Comic /Drawing Art.  If we find the contest to be so successful that further division is needed (ie-age divisions, more specificity, etc.), we will reserve the right to modify the divisions. There is no purchase necessary to enter and/or win!

Rules and General Contest Information:

  1. Your envelope must not exceed 10 inches x 10 inches in size and can be square or rectangular in shape.
  2. Our name and address should, of course, appear on the front of the envelope. Please address envelopes to:

Paper and Ink Arts

240 Great Circle Road, Suite 328

Nashville, TN 37228

3.  On the back of the envelope, please include your name, address, division you are entering and the specific materials you used to create your masterpiece. Please note that we are requiring you to use items we sell. Also, your envelope should be created only with the medium(s) required for that particular season.

4. Envelopes must be received at Paper and Ink Arts by the deadline entry date. No exceptions can be made.

5. You may only enter one envelope per contest. This means that you must pick only one division to enter each season.

6. Everything on your envelope must be created by hand and must be your original work. No stickers, stamps, trademarked images, computer generated images, or pre-printed envelopes are allowed.

7. Any person entering an envelope gives Paper and Ink Arts the permission to use the envelope in advertising (online or in our print catalog), as well as permission to post photographs of the envelope on our website, blog, online galleries and/or Facebook and Pinterest pages. Envelopes themselves will be displayed on-site at Paper and Ink Arts and possibly at calligraphy conferences and/or Comic Con or other conventions that Paper and Ink Arts attends. Envelopes will not be returned to sender.

8. Entries may contain no profanity or explicit (ex-violence or nudity) images.

9. All envelopes will be judged by a panel consisting of the Paper and Ink Arts staff, our postal carriers, and independent calligraphers, artists, and/or teachers.

10. Winners in each category will receive a prize from Paper and Ink Arts. Winners will be announced for each season within three weeks of the deadline. Further, we will create an online gallery (of all entries) on both Facebook and another online image gallery accessible to non-Facebook users.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Allen by e-mail at:

Paper and Ink Arts Envelope Contest

Please see our contest guidelines above before submitting your entry.  Entries that do not adhere to contest guidelines will not be eligible to win. For each contest, we only provide the medium required. You can choose your own theme for your envelope.

Spring 2013

Medium: Pencil

Deadline for Entry: June 10, 2013

Prizes for All Categories:  24 Count Prismacolor Pencils and Finesse Color Blender

Summer 2013

Medium: Paints (Watercolor or Acrylic), Pastels, and/ or Technical Pens/Microns

Deadline for Entry: September 10, 2013


Calligraphy and Hand Lettering: Fintec Gold Palette

Zentangle:  One Zentangle a Day Book

Drawing/Comic Art: Sakura Manga Comic Pro Set of 8

Fall 2013:

Medium: Markers

Deadline for Entry: November 25, 2013


Calligraphy and Hand Lettering: Set of 8 Zig Memory System Calligraphy Markers (choose your colors)

Zentangle:  Set of 8 Pigma Microns (choose your color/size)

Drawing/Comic Art: Set of 8 Zig Art and Graphic Markers (choose your colors)

Winter 2013/2014:

Medium: Pen and Ink

Deadline for Entry: March 10, 2014


Calligraphy and Hand Lettering: Paper and Ink Arts Hourglass Adjustable Oblique or Rosewood Straight Pen Holder

Zentangle: Book of Zentangle by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas

Drawing/Comic Art: One bottle of Kuretake Manga Ink , 1 dozen Hiro 40 nib, Speedball Comfort Grip Holder (blue or red), and one pad of Strathmore Bristol Plate Finish.


  1. Hey, Is there a way of knowing automatically when such competition happens again? I would love to participate in the spring competition.

    • We will be holding the competition annually, and each year we will post the information here. This post has all of the deadlines for this year’s contest, and we’ll update with a new one once we get a little closer to 2014. We’d love for you to enter!

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