2013 Spring Envelope Contest Winners

We are happy to announce the first winners in our annual envelope contest! Because we did not have submissions for the Zentangle category, we chose two entries from Calligraphy/Handlettering to award.

Amity Parks submitted this beautiful envelope created with graphite pencil on paper and is a winner for the Calligraphy/Handlettering Division.


Julie Gray submitted this incredible envelope created with colored pencils. She, too, is a winner for Calligraphy/Handlettering.


Linda Arandas is the winner for the Drawing/Comic Art category with this darling envelope. She used Prismacolor pencils to create it.


We also had three others we wanted to share. First and foremost, we have our first ever entry into our envelope contest. This was an entry for Drawing/Comic Art and was done by Marguerite Katchen. Her envelope’s arrival kicked off our excitement about the contest!


Marsha Vanetsky  also entered an envelope for the Drawing/Comic division, and we have to share due to the creativity of her wonderful design:


Yet another that we loved was this one entered into the Calligraphy/Handlettering category by Cathy O’Rear.


We had other lovely entries as well, and we are looking forward to the entries for our Summer Quarter Contest. Please see our blog entry on the contest itself for more information!

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