Lettering on Rocks and Shells by Margo Dittmer

I’d say that you’d be surprised by the number of calls we get asking what tools to use on rocks and shells, but if you are doing wedding calligraphy, you probably wouldn’t be. A large number of brides ask for place cards to be written on one or the other, and calligraphers are sometimes stumped on what nibs and inks would be best. Though it can range from project to project, I was delighted when Margo Dittmer took time to share what worked for her.

Margo was doing calligraphy for a seaside wedding in Maine. She called to ask what might work, and she found that the Brause 361 (also called the Brause Steno or the Blue Pumpkin), combined with FW White acrylic ink (thinned slightly with water) did the trick. Her client was thrilled! Take a look at the lovely results she achieved:


Rocks are tricky to letter on, but most are not as porous as sand dollars tend to be. However, Margo found equal success using the Brause 361 on sand dollars as well. (Acrylic ink would also be a great choice for sand dollars!)


We were so thankful that Margo followed up and shared her work!



  1. Thanks for sharing the techniques and products. I would like to make a scrapbook page shadowbox with our seashore memories and a sand dollar with calligraphy on it. This helps. 🙂

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