Custom Printing:Introduction

We are excited to be able to offer custom printing services to you, and Steve Sloss- our resident printing expert who does the printing- has written an excellent article sharing about the process. Please take a moment to read what he has to say!

Introduction to Our Custom Printing Services

by Steve Sloss

My name is Steve Sloss, and I work for Paper and Ink Arts.  I wanted to quickly introduce myself and a new service we’re providing here at Paper & Ink Arts – Custom Printing of your wonderful Calligraphy and Zentangle art pieces. I’ve been printing for over 30 years and at one time or another have printed on just about  everything from t-shirts to gold jewelry. I started in screen printing and now everything I do is digitally printed.  Here at Paper and Ink Arts, we offer a variety of quality products to display your artwork – from marble coasters to beautiful ceramic tiles to mother-of-pearl jewelry.


We print using premium sublimation inks.   The short explanation of sublimation inks is that they produce bright, bold, permanent colors with ZERO hand (NO ink feel).  The ink can be printed at high resolution and it actually explodes into a gas when it reaches 380 degrees and “dyes” the product, versus laying ink on the surface like most other printing processes.   It makes for a beautiful, permanent imprint when done correctly.


We take great pride in our printing and want you to be completely satisfied.  Once you’ve submitted artwork we will size & tweak to get the best results and send you a JPG e-mail for your approval before printing.  Again, we want you completely satisfied with our premium quality printing.


In the next few months we will have more articles, products & photos, so please keep checking back.  If you have any questions you can e-mail me at or Jennifer Allen at




by Steve Sloss


I’d like to introduce you to one of our favorite custom printed products, our marble coasters.  The natural marble is subtly brightened to deliver striking image results when printed.  It has subtle variations in the veins, edge and texture which will show through, making each piece unique, each piece subtly different.  The marble is 4″x4″ and is a sturdy 3/8″ thick.  We back all of our coasters with cork backing.

Zentangle tiles by Thelma Kidd:

thelma1 thelma2


and then reproduced on marble tiles:

thelmatile1 thelmatile2


The below samples by Stephanie Crawford were photographed and sent as JPGs.



And below are two of  the marble tiles after printing.  Naturally the tiles had to be cropped to fit the square tile.

stephanietile2 stephanietile1

As you can see, the artwork transfers quite well to the tiles provided that a high quality jpeg is submitted. Consider this option for creating one of a kind gifts or pieces of art to sell that utilize your artwork. Visit our webpage to order ceramic tiles and to see the other tiles we offer. And check back for updates on other products that we offer.


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