Stone Carving with Reggie Ezell

This past weekend ,the Nashville Calligraphy Guild hosted Reggie Ezell for a stone carving workshop. The class was held here  at Paper and Ink, and we were amazed by the process. From stone selection to design creation to finished process, the idea of stone carving seemed a little less intimidating with Reggie’s expert guidance. Students were first shown the stones Reggie himself had carved.

The first exquisite stone was inspired by Shakespeare’s Othello:

DSCN8296 DSCN8295 DSCN8294


The second stunning stone had a religious theme and showcased a beautifully designed cross along with exceptional lettering:



Armed with inspiration, the twelve brave students embarked on creating stone carvings of their own. Before any precision design work could be done, the stones had to be smooth. Sanders hummed while stone canvasses were created.

DSCN8278Terry Cobb    DSCN8280Michael HallDSCN8283Beth Paul

DSCN8286Reggie Ezell, Judy Bilbrey, and Dana Jacobson


Thankfully the weather cooperated beautifully, and the outside work spaces functioned well. Each student was able to have an individual work station and plenty of room to work.  When it came time for the precise work of carving the design, students used dremel tools to create words and/or images.

DSCN8303Carolyn Lovelace

DSCN8306Dana Jacobson


Students were able to progress well throughout the weekend, and we were pretty impressed with what we saw. Below are two pieces in progress created by Nashville Guild members:


DSCN8309 by Ann Cobb

DSCN8312by Rose Wathen

The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and wonderful stones were created. These words from a class evaluation sum it up best, “Yet another wonderful Reggie weekend!  He is one of the most dedicated, organized, caring, and compassionate teachers we have ever had.  He puts so much time and effort into preparing for his classes.  Always a pleasure to take a class with Reggie.  Always so much learning and sharing and teaching.  Great weekend!”

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