2015 Paper and Ink Holiday Shopping Guide

The holidays are once again upon us, so we thought we’d once again offer some suggestions for gift giving this year. We have several new products that would be ideal for the calligrapher in your life. Enjoy browsing our picks for 2015!


GiftBag1 GiftBag2For small gifts or baked goods, these bags are perfect! The small labels allow you to adorn them with your own calligraphy!


Pop Out Box 3 Pop Out Box 2 Pop Out Box 1 Pop out boxes make a great gift wrap or a great gift. Boxes are patterned on both sides, leaving you with plenty of choices.



Holders-Marble Holders-GlossyBright colored holders make a great stocking stuffer! These new straight holders from Manuscript are as fun as they are functional, and the price is just right!


Plant- Wedding Plant- Flowers Plant- BasilMake envelopes and cards more interesting by including a plant! Recipients can remove these stamps and plant them to grow flowers, herbs, etc.


CalligraphyMetallicMarkersZig Calligraphy Markers are a long time favorite, and the newer metallic colors are sure to be a hit. Perfect for envelopes and quick lettering, these colors are especially pretty on darker papers.


rollistampsexamplesRolli Stamps are a fast and easy way to create cute borders with ease. Nice for cards, envelopes, recipe cards, etc.


NIBS! Every calligrapher needs nibs, and what better gift to include as a stocking stuffer?


fast2clean-HexaGoGoQuiltFast2Clean cloths are perfect for cleaning all of your devices and your glasses! They are a great gift for the person who has everything. Smaller sizes adhere to your devices for easy storage.




sldrwrt SlideWriter2The Slider Writer makes an excellent and useful gift! It projects a laser line on both light or dark papers, helping to cut down on the time it takes to draw lines on paper and envelopes. This item is definitely on the wish list of many our customers this year!


WaferInset1 WaferInset2 WaferA3The new Wafer light board is a welcome addition to the calligrapher’s tool box. Thin and lightweight, it is ideal for travel. The built in ruler and dimmable lighting are added bonuses that contribute to the functionality.  Available in two sizes.


InkStirrerSet The SpeedStir magnetic mixer helps decrease the amount of time spent manually stirring metallic inks, acrylic paints, and gouache. Easy to use, this compact unit also travels well. Add the storage cups and extra stir bars for an excellent gift idea.


BigInkwell1Who says tools can’t be beautiful? This limited edition inkwell developed as a collaboration between calligrapher Eliza Holliday and designer Carly Bloomberg is both classy and timeless and makes a lovely gift.



7YearPensGreat for every day writing, the stylish design of the Seven Year pens makes these a great gift.


SafariRed SafariPink SafariCoral SafariCharcoal SafariBlueLamy pens make an impression. Available in a variety of colors and tip sizes, these pens were added to our inventory due to customer requests. The smooth, consistent writing produced with these pens will not disappoint!




yhst-141105795965626_2342_38237271For customers who love Parallel Pens, the Pilot MR makes a wonderful addition to their writing collection. Available in a variety of body styles, this pen takes the Parallel Pen cartridges and writes like a dream.


TrioPens triopen---flrThe Manuscript Trio pens are sure to be popular with Zentangle enthusiasts. The body patters mimic Zentangle style, and the triangular shape is an interesting twist. A unique gift for sure!


CardPackFeather CardPackFlowerBouquet CardPackBackWritefullyHis stationery provides elegant cards for written correspondence while helping support education in Africa. Give a gift that gives back!


SSNC-A01 SSNC-A06 Stephanie Creekmur cards are wonderful for the southern girl in your life! Designed with iconic southern sayings, these bright and cheerful cards are as fun to send as to receive!


A nice pen holder is an ideal gift for a calligrapher. We have several handmade options to choose from. Click on the links to learn more!

yhst-141105795965626_2341_1911032905 Century Oblique


yhst-141105795965626_2341_1075150816Hourglass Adjustable Oblique



yhst-141105795965626_2341_1517826127Paper and Ink Arts Adjustable Oblique


yhst-141105795965626_2341_1994553922 Zanerian Long Holder


yhst-141105795965626_2341_1994945625Zanerian Short Holder


yhst-141105795965626_2341_1236215989Carrot Straight Holder


yhst-141105795965626_2341_1101094851Straight Rosewood Holder


yhst-141105795965626_2341_1052645147Century Straight Holder


Looking for even more ornate and beautiful choices? Visit some of our favorite sites for custom made pens:

Yoke Pen Company, Unique Obliques, and Desiderata Pen Company .



WatercolorJournal1The Mahara Watercolor Journal was designed by calligrapher Randall Hasson. It is ideal for layered journaling techniques, watercolor painting, calligraphy, etc. Handmade watercolor paper from India holds up well to a variety of acrylics and watercolors and allows the artist to create beautiful two page spreads or a coherent them throughout the entire book.


DVDpointedbrush DVDitalic DVDcarolingian DVDbasicromans DVDbasicblackletterFor calligraphers just starting out or those ready to learn a new hand, Reggie Ezell’s instructional dvds are an excellent resource. An outstanding teacher, Reggie’s clear instructions and exemplars make these dvds a great investment!


Handmade Paper JournalsLamali Mixed Media Journals are both beautiful and inspiring. Filled with a wide variety of handmade papers, these books were a big hit at this summer’s international calligraphy conference.


Bookmaking KitThe Artterro bookmaking kit is perfect for the young bookmaker in your life (or just the young at heart). It is a wonderful way for families to work together to create art.


TFproductsThistle Farms products make an excellent gift! These lotions, room sprays, candles, etc. are handmade by participants in the Magdalene Ministry program, located here in Nashville, and are luxurious gifts that give back to the women who create them.


Do you need help picking the right gift? Please don’t hesitate to call our offices (615-770-9902), and we’ll be glad to answer your questions to help you select the right gift for your favorite calligrapher!

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