Customer Showcase: Schin Loong


Our customers are our best asset here at Paper and Ink, and we love to show their work. This is especially true when the work is as amazing as Schin Loong’s. We are constantly in awe of her envelopes, prints, etc. Schin utilizes her skills as an artist and designer to complement her stunningly beautiful calligraphy.

We were thankful that Schin agreed to test our copperplate sampler for an article on the various nibs, and we’re even more thankful that she took some time to answer questions about her favorite products and how she became interested in calligraphy. Enjoy learning a bit more about Schin!


  1. What Paper and Ink product(s) can you not live without?

It was so hard to pick just one thing, but I simply cannot live without Bleedproof White zimg_7211by Dr. PH Martin.tumblr_ne11us887o1s3jjfco1_1280






  1. What makes this product great? Have you tried similar products and found this one to be superior?

Oh yeah, I have tried all kinds of white ink- some great, some okay, and some not so good. But I must admit I always go back to using the good ole’  Bleedproof white. It is just always reliable and dependable, does not expire nor get weird with time, and all I need to do to freshen it up is add water. It’s no wonder it has been around for years and years!

tumblr_nbi5ovorsy1s3jjfco1_1280 tumblr_nbvsfxzger1s3jjfco1_1280

  1. Why do you choose to shop at Paper and Ink Arts?

It’s easy to shop at, the prices are great and, most importantly, shipping is fast! Sometimes I just can’t wait for my tools to arrive, and knowing that it’ll be mailed out ASAP is awesome. Plus, I love the whole points accumulated program!


  1. How did you get started in calligraphy? Tell us a little about your story!

tumblr_nb20chklnx1s3jjfco1_1280I am an illustrator and I sell prints of my work online ( On the packages, I would write the addresses really fancy using Sharpie, and some of my buyers remarked about how pretty it was. So I thought I should learn calligraphy/lettering for real so that it could complement my prints. Four years later and  it has now taken over! It seems as if the art is now complementing the calligraphy instead!





  1. What is the primary type(ex-wedding work, commissioned pieces, etc.) of calligraphy that you do?

I’m still trying to find my ‘thing’, so at the moment I am doing lots of different things… envelope addressing, invitations, vows, illustration, just trying stuff out. Eventually I’d love to do more illustration with the calligraphy though.tumblr_naqwg6tdc81s3jjfco2_1280






  1. What recommendations would you make to someone just starting out with calligraphy?

tumblr_nal9vym5pi1s3jjfco1_1280Hmm.. learn the basic stuff first, like proper lettering.. but don’t be afraid to try out new things. New tools and techniques broaden the mind and open the door to creativity, and being creative leads to discovery and happiness in creating art.





  1. How can other customers link to your work?

​My website is, and my blog is Thank you!!!​


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