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Arney Walker has been a long-time customer with Paper and Ink Arts, and we really enjoy seeing her lovely work. She specializes in wedding calligraphy and has a beautiful, classy portfolio. Recently, Arney graciously participated in one of our blog articles by testing all of the nibs in our copperplate sampler.  Her samples and feedback were quite helpful!  She then took time to share about her favorite products and her start in calligraphy. We are happy to give you the opportunity to learn more about Arney.




  1. What Paper and Ink product(s) can you not live without?



There are so many!  I love my Speedstir, it works miracles continually remixing separated metallic inks.  I have also used it to mix gouache with a lot of success.

I’m a die hard Brause EF66 fan, so I also can’t live without the Ziller holder for that nib.  It’s harder for custom pen makers to manipulate the holder to fit a Brause so the one from Paper and Ink is key.





  1. What makes this product great? Have you tried similar products and found this one to be superior?


There really isn’t another remedy for the speedstir.  It’s all manual labor instead. For the 028pen holders for the Brause, it is definitely the best holder for that particular nib.  Again, it’s really hard to fit it in other penholders, so it’s far superior to other products.







  1. Why do you choose to shop at Paper and Ink Arts?

I choose to shop at Paper and Ink because I think that the customer service is top notch.  I love that the company is devoted to calligraphers and bookbinders and I like that they are committed to finding new and interesting products for us to be able to do our jobs more efficiently.


  1. How did you get started in calligraphy? Tell us a little about your story!


I got a calligraphy book from my great uncle when I was 13.  I always liked to write and 005enjoyed “pretty handwriting”.  When I graduated from college, I was looking for a fun hobby that would allow me to be creative and thought of calligraphy.  I started taking private lessons in Italic calligraphy in 2003 and then taught myself pointed pen in 2005.  I then did more formal training and classes in pointed pen and eventually started going to the IAMPETH Convention.  I’ve been 5 times since!





  1. What is the primary type(ex-wedding work, commissioned pieces, etc.) of calligraphy that you do?

I do primarily wedding work.  Envelope addressing, signage, escort cards and place cards.

618 0595 448 007

  1. What recommendations would you make to someone just starting out with calligraphy?

019Take a class!  It can be a local class, an online class, one on one classes, even a book will do!  And practice practice practice!  I spent 3 or 4 years just practicing and doing things for fun prior to charging clients.  And, you can never stop learning this art.  I still can’t wait to take classes and learn new things!






  1. How can customers link to your work?

My website is  Instagram: @arneyeliz

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