Anne Elser’s Elegant Envelopes

Recently, Anne Elser posted a wonderful blog post showing envelopes she created from vintage books. She genially agreed to have it shared on our blog as well. We feel certain you’ll be impressed with her original, lovely work and that you’ll enjoy her description of her process in her own words. Enjoy!

elser 10

elser 14
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I’ve had a wonderful time lately creating envelopes out of pages from vintage illustrated books. This process invites you to become more inventive in small, manageable chunks. It’s just a little envelope, right? 

elser 8Each piece is completely unique and can be folded in a variety of ways. There are color, composition, and placement choices to be made and as long as your envelope is at least 3.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide, the U.S. Post should deliver it fine.

elser7 elser 16 elser 15

This process of finding, folding, lettering, and stamping makes a trip to the mailbox a magical adventure. 
elser 4elser 2

elser 13I feel like a little kid standing by the box and wishing my personal expression a safe journey to someone I care about. It’s an intimate experience touched by many hands. 

elser 11 elser 14 elser 12 elser 6

We hope you have found inspiration for your next envelope exchange in Ann’s work! Visit Anne’s blog to see more of her unique work.


  1. I have done the same thing with outdated calendars and maps. With the calendar pictures, there is usually a clear space for the address. With the maps, I write the address on a separate piece of plain paper, tear around it and glue it to the envelope; otherwise, it is too hard to read the address. – Joan Bechrel

  2. Done the same Joan. I also taught a envelope folding class with large old atlases. Anne, your’s are wonderful! Dorothy Yuki

  3. Anne, your elegant envelopes would be a treasure for any recipient. I have made envelopes from thicker quality magazine pages. The challenge is to find pages with enough free space to feature an address. Labels are a workable solution. Lily Yee-Sloan

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