New Product Spotlight: Art Graf Pigment Discs


A few years back, Art Graf released carbon blocks that were ideal for travel. When dry, they fit neatly into the cardboard sleeve in which they are packaged and can be tossed into a toolkit, bag, etc. When wet, they can be brushed onto paper for background, brush lettering or general painting. They can also be brushed onto a nib for writing. When dry, they can be used for creative mark making, large broad edged style lettering, creating backgrounds, etc. Though water-soluble, and thus not permanent, they work well for practicing calligraphic hands-especially in workshops.

Left-Disc used with a brush Right-Disc used with a nib

Now, Art Graf has expanded their line to include a variety of earth tones. The packaging for the new colors is a perfect plastic case, and the colors are perfect for fall lettering and design. Choose from the original black, brown, dark brown, ochre, sanguine, or sepia. From Thanksgiving place cards to decorated envelopes, these handy discs provide plenty of creative opportunity.


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