New Product Spotlight: Nib Adjusting Pliers


One of the issues that can come up for calligraphers is the need to adjust an oblique holder. A normal oblique holder will not fit every nib without adjustment, and many customers prefer to adjust a flange as opposed to purchasing a pricier holder with an adjustable flange. For years, our suggestion has been to use needle nose pliers, as those were the best of the tools available. Thus, we were ecstatic to see Christopher Yoke develop pliers specifically for oblique holder flanges.

If you are not familiar with Christopher’s holders, we highly encourage you to visit his website. His custom holders are true works of art, and the detail that he puts into making each one is exquisite. Using that same attention to detail, Christopher worked to have pliers produced that work perfectly on flanges without damaging them. You can use them to adjust your flange for different nibs or to create flanges if you are so inclined. You have the option of round nosed pliers or flat nosed pliers. Beyond developing the pliers, Christopher also created an instructional video on how to use them. Enjoy learning!

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