Connie Chen’s Gold Review

Screenshot_2015-12-10-08-19-24-1~2Recently we partnered with the young and talented calligrapher Connie Chen to have her review our line of gold inks, gouaches and gel pens. Connie has taken each one, used it on black Pacon paper, and given her opinions of how it performed. We think you will enjoy seeing each ink in use and hearing Connie’s experiences.

(Standard disclaimer: The views expressed are solely Connie’s and do not necessarily express the views of Paper and Ink Arts.)



  1. Connie’s cross references comparing ink brands is useful because it is very precise. Her information will be useful in making choices from the several gold products I have already purchased from Paper & Ink.

  2. Thomas

    It is great that you’re working with a Master Penman to really put these inks to the test. Connie is one of the greatest penman around.

  3. Brian

    What a great review of all these inks.I would of never been able to buy all these inks to try. It is great that you’re working with a Master such as Connie but I am surprised you did not mention she was a Master Penman.

    I cannot wait to place my order!

  4. Vicky

    I love that you made the video, Connie, and we can watch you in action! I am anxious to try the kuretake ink. I will watch this again and again!

  5. Jz Toland

    Thank you Connie for the golden info. Wow! Amazing skills. I have a few of the products and use them all . My next purchase will be the Finetec set .

  6. Elsa Wade

    Wow! A very informative and beautiful video! Love the golds and watching you write! I am a beginner and I have good luck with the Dr. Martin’s Gold and the Finetec. I would love to start working with the different brush and gel pens! Love all your flourishes! Thank you for taking the time to do this video!

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