Customer Showcase: Rei Pizarro

Customer Rei Pizarro lives in New York and travels each summer to the international calligraphy conferences. Rei is truly one of the kindest customers we have! We hope you enjoy learning more about him and seeing his work.

20151211_085718-1What Paper and Ink products can you not live without? I discovered MicroGlaze in your catalog a few years ago shortly after I had begun in an envelope exchange. I now use it exclusively when sending my monthly envelopes.

What makes this product great? Have you tried similar products and found this one to be similar? I have used candle wax, spray fixatives and other suggested materials as a moisture barrier in my work. MicroGlaze is far superior to them all. Its unique formula protects without interfering with the integrity of the original artwork.

Why do you chose to shop at Paper and Ink Arts? I LOVE Paper and Ink Arts. I 20150601_000557-1discovered your catalog from a link on Randy Hasson’s website. I was pleasantly surprised by the volume, variety, and quality of your products.

How did you get started in calligraphy? Tell us a little about your story! I have been in love with letters for well over 60 years, ever since I could recognize them in children’s books. I have always been particularly drawn to illuminated manuscripts and decorated letters. I have expanded my appreciation for all letterforms over the past few years. I dabbled with Schaeffer cartridge pens for many years as I worked in the corporate world. In April 2007, I joined a local guild in Rochester, New York. My scope expanded quite rapidly after that. I learned from local artists such as Toi Clawson, Lisa Fox, Carol Henshaw and Marian Henry. I have studied with Gail Vick, Randy Hasson, Harvest Crittenden, Georgia Angelopoulos, Judy Detrick, Janet Takahashi, and Brenda Broadbent. The bulk of my training has been at the last three calligraphy conferences. I met Jennifer Allen and crew in Colorado Springs in July of 2013 and was quickly converted to Paper and Ink. I have been blessed to meet such calligraphy royalty as Denis Brown, Sheila and Julian Waters, Peter Thornton, Ewan Clayton, Loredana Zega, Yukimi Annand, Gemma Black, Lisa Englebrecht, Cherryl Moote, Angie VanGalis, Carl Rohrs, and Massimo Polello just to name a few. These are all from attending the conferences. In one intense week, you are immersed in a creative atmosphere that sends your lettering to new levels. I highly recommend the experience.

20150113_152909What is the primary type of calligraphy that you do? I am primarily a sculptor and graphic artist but have really added calligraphy to my bag of skills (still learning). I have incorporated calligraphy into my recent work. I do some commission work such as gilded birth certificates, gilded wedding certificates, scripture verses, and gilded monograms. I also do some logo design.

20151211_100941-1What recommendations would you make to someone just starting out with calligraphy?

1. Buy the BEST materials you can afford (it really makes a difference).

2. Get proper instruction.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

4. Upgrade your materials as you are able.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

6. If possible, join a guild. At the very least, get together regularly with like minded artists.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice and PLAY!!

List your website, blog, or any other information you’d like to have included so that customers can link to your work.

I am blessed to be able to support my wife and myself with a good pension. Therefore, 90% of all the profits from my work go to support the work of Compassion International. I urge you to see how you can impact the life of a child living in extreme poverty by going to If you are interested in having me do a gilded wedding certificate, a gilded birth certificate, a verse of Scripture, or a logo design, feel free to contact me at or (585)781-4574.


  1. loved the work, enthusiasm, encouragement…and ‘ Compassion’ of Rei ! I will add more practice to my days…

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