Paper and Ink Moving Update: Where We’re Going

The current front of the building. Unfortunately, the awesome signage on the roof has to be discarded due to new regulations for the area.

We are so excited to now own a building that will house our business in a few short months. For our first five years here in Nashville, we’ve been located in an office park just outside of downtown. It has been a wonderful starting location, but we’ve known for some time now that we needed more space. After almost a year of looking, we came back to one of the original buildings we considered. The location and layout were perfect, and we were thrilled when we could come to an agreement to purchase.

This building takes us away from downtown, and yet it is still conveniently located. Near our airport and off of a main thoroughfare, it will give us greater visibility as we add a small storefront and a permanent classroom space. In its history, the building has been several things-a toy store, a music store, and most recently a dental office just to name a few. We are excited to bring it back to life as our new home!


Because our needs differ pretty dramatically from those of a dental clinic, the inside of the building will require a total demolition. All existing walls, flooring, etc. will be removed (including old asbestos tile) and a new roof will be added. Currently, we are waiting on building permits to be approved so that demolition can begin. Once everything is removed, the reconstruction will start.


Plans for the new layout (left to right is front to back of the building).

We are looking forward to a true retail space for our customers who come to shop in person and a permanent classroom in which we can host more frequent classes again. Add to that a much larger warehouse and great office space, and we can hardly wait to make our move! The exterior of the building will also receive a complete makeover. We wanted to show you the building as it currently exists so that you can see the transformation. We are planning an open house for the grand opening celebration, and we’ll certainly keep you abreast of those plans as we move forward.



  1. Can’t wait to see the finish, Jennifer! Heck, you can always fix teeth in the back…
    Looks perfect for you all!

  2. Great! More space, more products, more goodies to buy. Good luck on your new adventure. Martha

  3. We are so happy for your expansion, Jennifer. You are returning the building to its earlier use as a toy store for artists. As to the dental history, my dentist kindly provided me with a handful when I was lettering the US Constitution on sheepskin. Some curved ones are effective scrapers for removing ink off paper as well as more rigid surfaces. Plus the wooden signs I am currently painting for the library did not accept graphite paper transfer when I used pencil, but I have had excellent results using a football tipped dental tool! So do you see that your building’
    s history really does relate to calligraphy!

    • Thanks, Aline! We are hoping that the permits will be approved this week so that work can start! I’m the worst in terms of having patience during the wait! 🙂

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