Watercolor and Masking Fluid with Roann Mathias

This month we are kicking off a new blog series that will showcase customers’ work, provide tutorials and informative posts, and revolve around a theme. The theme for September is watercolor, and this month’s first tutorial comes from Roann Mathias, a talented calligrapher from the Memphis, TN area. Enjoy Roann’s tutorial on how to combine watercolor and masking fluids for beautiful results!



Arches hot press watercolor paper

Small inexpensive brush

Watercolor brush


Kneaded eraser

Masking fluid 

Watercolor paint 

Mixing palette



rmathias2Draw the outline of some letters with a pencil. Use a light touch. In this case I chose the Neuland alphabet, but any thick or boldface style would work.




Use the inexpensive brush to fill in the letters with the masking fluid. (At this point, the brush will be gummy, and you might not be able to use it for anything else.) Let dry.




Squeeze a small amount of watercolor paint onto the palette, and add a few drops of water.  Do this with as many colors as you plan to use. Paint over the letters with the watercolor brush and the various colors of paint, rinsing the brush in water between each color. Work fairly quickly so that the colors will blend with each other.  Let dry.





Begin to remove the masking fluid with the kneaded eraser. Start by rubbing the eraser near the edge of one of the letters, and work toward the center.  At this point, you might be able to use your fingers as well.



Continue to clean up the letters, and use the eraser to remove any pencil lines that are still showing. rmathias10


Special thanks to Roann for putting together such a great tutorial! Stay tuned throughout the month for other tutorials, projects, etc., that utilize watercolors!

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