Wondrous Watercolor Palettes

With our focus on watercolors this month, we thought you might enjoy seeing color charts for some of the watercolors that we offer. From inexpensive metallic palettes to peerless watercolors, there are many options from which you can choose! By seeing the colors on paper, we hope to help you with your purchasing decisions.


Due to the popularity of metallic colors, our palettes with those colors remain among our most popular. The Niji Pearlescent sets are an inexpensive option that provide lovely colors. We carry both a 16 set and a 21 set.


The Finetec palettes are, by far, our best selling watercolors. The six color set provides a stunning array of golds and a silver, and the 12 set provides other gorgeous pearl color options. Customers have used these colors in place of applying real gold to projects to mimic gilding as well as simply to replace gold inks for envelope addressing. They are both versatile and beautiful.


For standard watercolor palette options, Prang is a popular choice. Though inexpensive, the colors are vibrant and work well for backgrounds and painting.



The Yarka student set is another inexpensive option that also delivers great color. With 12 colors, this is a great starter set or palette for a young artist.




The Peerless Watecolor sets are unique because they are actually dry watercolor sheets. Based on a formula that is over 120 years old, these colors are ideal for travel. They deliver amazingly beautiful colors. (The color swatch here is a representation from the small bonus pack.) The sheets can be cut and placed on a palette or used in their original sizes, and they work quite well with water brushes.


Also great for travel are the new Koi Watercolor sets by Sakura. Designed for artists on the go, each set contains a water brush and a convenient palette and sponge. Half pans of colors allow for a large range of color in an easy to carry box. We carry both the 12 color set and the 30 color set, currently available by phone and soon to be available on our website. watercolorswatch-koi-web



Perhaps the most interesting member of our watercolor family is the Chinese Watercolor set. These colors come in tubes and are much more opaque than traditional watercolor. Further, once they are dry, they become watercolor resistant. This allows you to create a background and letter on top of it without using a resist for lettering or a sealant for the background. (The final square in our sample shows the light blue applied to the indigo after the indigo dried.)

We hope seeing samples of these watercolors entices you to try your hand at using watercolor for the first time or maybe to try a new brand. Because we had to open several of these sets to create the charts, we will be giving away many of them on Instagram and Facebook over the next several weeks. Be sure to follow us there if you don’t already do so!








  1. Thank you for posting the charts for comparison. It’s a great help. I’ve been looking for a gold to use in calligraphy. The Finetec looks like a good choice.

  2. I have used the Peerless but wasn’t aware of the others. They do travel well….even around our house! Wonderful colors!

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