Watercolors in the Parallel Pen with Roann Mathias

Once again, Roann Mathias has created a great tutorial for us to showcase watercolors. This time, she shows how to load your parallel pen with watercolor to write easily. Along with her clear instructions, she has included a video that further demonstrates the process. Enjoy!


Loading a Parallel Pen with Watercolor:
1. Squeeze a small amount of watercolor into the well of a mixing pan.
2. Add a few drops of water and mix until blended.
3. Carefully pour the watercolor into an empty barrel of a Parallel Pen. (You could also use a pipette to transfer the watercolor.)
4. Attach the nib, and gently shake the pen to get the watercolor to flow into the nib.
It may take a few minutes to get the paint flowing smoothly. Make a few test strokes, and then you can use your parallel pen with watercolor paint.
Trouble shooting:  If the paint is not flowing at all, you may need to open it up and add a few more drops of water.


Thanks to Roann for this useful video and tutorial! We hope you’ll be inspired to try watercolor in your Parallel Pens and will share some of your creations with us when you do!


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