Moving Day is Just Around the Corner!

As you’ve seen if you regularly follow our blog, we’ve been renovating a building that will become our new location in just a few short weeks. To say that it has been exciting to see the interior go from a dental office to the exact floor plan we created would be an understatement. It will be a magnificent home for us!

Along with the new building comes our second move in five years. Back in 2011, we moved the business to Nashville from Maryland. That monumental task was compounded with our newness to the field of calligraphy and our reconstruction of the business website and inventory systems simultaneously. We’re thankful to be better prepared to take on the process of moving this go round.

For planning purposes, we want you to know our moving plan. The building becomes available to us on October 31st. On this day, half of our staff will begin moving back stock, furniture, etc. We will continue that process on Tuesday as we move most of our staff offices. During those two days, the remainder of our staff will be processing orders. Orders received by noon on November 1st should be processed. Wednesday and Thursday, our entire staff will be moving the bulk of our inventory, and on Friday we will be unpacking. We will work through that weekend to continue our unpacking to hopefully begin processing orders placed online from Tuesday afternoon through Friday. Because of the sheer amount of work needed from all of our staff members, we will be unable to take orders by phone Wednesday-Friday of that week. If you know you need supplies that week or early the next week, please place your orders early! We have organized the process to have the least disruption possible to operations, but we know you understand that this will require a small amount of downtime.

New Warehouse
Future Retail Store Front

Once we move, we’ll spend November and December perfecting our current operations in the new space, and we will begin working on our retail space. Our grand opening of the retail storefront will happen in January. The opening of the retail store will bring with it the addition of Saturday hours, so for all of you who are local or those who travel through Nashville on the weekends, you’ll have the chance to shop!

Following the launching of the retail, we will begin working on our classroom space. Our classes will kick off will Bill Kemp teaching in March, and we have already scheduled Jacqueline Sullivan, Kathy Milici, and Randy Hasson to teach next year as well. We look forward to adding more teachers to the schedule. Be sure you you are subscribed the blog to be the first to know when class registrations become available.

Needless to say, this is an exciting time for us here at Paper and Ink. Five years ago, we never dreamed we’d be relocating and embarking on new ventures. Thank you for your continued support. Without it, this would never be possible. We look forward to welcoming you into our new home soon!


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