Holiday Sweater Envelope Tutorial with Jillian Kaye

Creating envelope art can seem overwhelming and unattainable for many who are new to hand lettering. However, when broken down step by step, it is much easier to create a piece that will stand out for recipients. We were excited when the talented Jillian Kaye agreed to put together a tutorial showing how to design a fun and festive holiday envelope! Enoy following along to create gorgeous mail art!

Holiday  Sweater  Envelope Art Tutorial

by Jillian Kaye


Put some holiday cheer in your loved ones’ mailboxes this December with some cozy Christmas sweater-inspired envelope art!


Materials Needed:

-White Gelly Roll Pen

-Colored Envelopes




You don’t need fancy supplies or pens to make some seriously festive envelopes-Sakura Gelly Rolls will do just fine. The ink flows incredibly well and their white pens, as well as their Moonlight Gelly Roll line of pens, show up beautifully on darker papers. I will use a dark blue envelope so the white ink really pops!

  1. Lightly draw 7-10 horitzontal lines with your pencil across the envelope. We’ll be leaving a rectangle in the middle of the envelope for the recipient’s address.img_0032
  2. Across the top and bottom of the envelope, lightly draw some zig-zag lines.
  3. Take your white pen and begin making “v” shaped marks to mimic the sewn sweater patterns. Follow your zig-zag guidelines you made with your pencil across the top and bottom.img_0055
  4. Work your way to the middle of the envelope and make patterns as you go along. Do a quick “Christmas sweater” Google search to get pattern inspiration. This should be fun! Take your time as you work and enjoy some hot chocolate or eggnog to truly get in the spirit.
  5. Wait for the ink to dry, then erase the pencil guidelines from your envelope.img_0071
  6. Once your patterns are all laid out, address your envelope to the lucky recipient of your work of art. Feel free to keep your lettering bouncy and fun!
  7. Time for some stamps! Pick up some vintage stamps on Amazon or Etsy to finish your holiday handiwork-perhaps add a Forever stamp just to be sure it gets there with enough postage.
  8. Fill your envelope with a holiday greeting & mail it off!

Whomever finds your beautiful envelope in their mailbox will certainly treasure it all season long! Have a Merry Christmas & good luck creating!

xo, Jillian Kaye


 To see more of Jillian Kaye’s work, visit her website, follow her on Instagram, or like her on Facebook.


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I love the white Gel pens until they stop flowing. Does anyone have a tried and true method to get them going again? I’d really appreciate it since I feel like it’s a waste of money to buy them.

  2. Sandra D in Joliet, best I can tell you is yse them a lot to get your money’s worth. I have had to toss way too many due to non-use and drying up.

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