Holiday Dinner Place Cards with Maurelle Calligraphy


Maurelle from Maurelle Calligraphy has one more fun idea for your holiday table. Instead of traditional place cards, she shows how to use a bullet-tip paint marker to write on ornaments to create a keepsake for your dinner guests. Enjoy!

Ornament Tag Calligraphy

by Maurelle Calligraphy

A nice way to spruce up the Christmas dinner is by preparing a place card for each of your family members. Who says ornaments are just for the Christmas tree? With just one of my favorite tools to write in gold, we will impress your family members with your dainty “place cards”!



  1. Christmas ornaments – this should be free from any design around it and matte is preferable so it is easier to write on
  2. Sakura Pen Touch Gold ( Fine)


Method :


  1. Make sure you wipe the ornament with dry cloth to make sure there is no unnecessary coating. This will ensure that the ink will stick on the surface.
  2. If you are not yet comfortable writing directly on the ornament, you may use a soap stone pencil to draft the word and just erase it after the ink dries. One or two words would fit a standard sized ornament perfectly.
  3. {Figure 1} Write away! We know that what makes calligraphy interesting is the variation of thick and thin lines. Sometimes, I prefer to just leave the writing in monoline but another option is to put some “thick” lines
  4. {Figure 2 }Same rule applies. All the supposedly down strokes are the thicker ones, so just go back and add another line alongside your original to make it thicker. This is called faux calligraphy.
  5. Let it dry, and it’s ready to jazz up your Christmas dinner set up!

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  1. Love it! I bought clear ornaments, already-filled about 2/3 with multicolored beads. I wrote the name of the little neighbor children next door with a gold paint pen, for their tree. I need to practice writing on spheres more! Chaun

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